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5 Purr-fect Online Gifts for Cat Lovers!

Looking for a purr-fect gift for the cat lover in your life? We have some kitty-licious finds for you.

  1. Pet Gift BoxCat Gift Box Monthly Subscription – You’ve heard about BarkBox for dogs, but did you know there is also a monthly cat treat box? Full of all kinds of cat pleasing goodies like toys, treats and catnip, PetGiftBox brings a little excitement to you and your cat every month. Plus, when she's done unpacking her treasures, she can play with the box.  
  2. Kitty-tastic tees – We can’t get enough of these way-too-cute, cat-themed t-shirts from Shaggy Chic. Sassy, spunky, unique. Our personal favorite is the ‘Hip Cat’ shirt. The best yet…a portion of all sales go back to cat rescues!  
  3. Vesper Fave FindVesper V-PlayStation – Vesper V-PlayStation as all the things your cat loves: multiple scratching surfaces, a soft cushion, and a ball toy. But here's why we think it's so great: the small size hardly takes up any space in your home, yet can be turned in various positions, each offering your cat a new and exciting place to play.
  4. A Commissioned Painting – There is no purr-fect gift than having a special commission made of someone’s cat. It’s simple to do. All the cat lover (or you) must do is upload a photo to Art Paw, and they will do the rest. Gift certificates available.  
  5. Breakfast Food Catnip Toys – Miss Maddie Makes has the cutest cat toys in her Etsy store! You will never see these unique toys in a traditional pet store. Made with felt and organic catnip, a portion of the profits going towards animal welfare organizations. If catnip breakfast items aren't your thing, then there's a ton of other adorable designs to choose from.