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Mary Tyler Moore

The Animal Rights Community Mourns the Death of Mary Tyler Moore

She could ‘turn the world on with her smile’ and make us laugh with her charming, dizzying comedic timing. However, for many animal rights advocates, today’s passing of actress, pop culture icon and feminist Mary Tyler Moore is much more. A passionate voice for the animal community has been silenced.

Famous most notably for her roles in the 1960’s classic The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970’s, the 80-year-old died surrounded by her husband, family and close friends after being hospitalized in Connecticut.

A longtime, outspoken advocate for animal rights, an example of Moore using her bold voice was by co-founding the nonprofit Broadway Barks in 1998, along with fellow thespian Bernadette Peters. Each year, the star-studded dog and cat adoption event benefits New York City animal shelters and adoption agencies. In addition, Moore also successfully fought legislation to protect animals from inhumane suffering, and sponsored the Great American Meatout in 2001 which taught the public how to be healthy without eating meat. 

Moore was always proud to use her celebrity to highlight awareness of those who could not speak…the underdogs — our animal friends. She truly had compassion for all beings. As we mourn her loss, let’s celebrate Moore’s enduring mark on pop culture and animal welfare.