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Tuna and the Rock-Cats

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Amazing Acro-Cats and their Chief Executive Human

While checking out Facebook the other day, I saw a post about Tuna and the Rock Cats. Well, as you can imagine, when a cat sees the word ‘TUNA’ there is a double take involved. I didn’t know if it was a new sushi place for mom to check out or what.

Acro-CatsIt’s even better than I expected, though. It’s a show by Acro-Cats consisting of trained house cats — all rescues. Kitty-tastic! I told my Aunt Kathy that she needs to find out more. After all, just like catnip, Unleashed Paws readers are hooked on the latest feline mews.

Aunt Kathy talked with Samantha Martin, the Chief Executive Human (CEH), trainer of the Acro-Cats and creator of the Rock Cats show. She’s one kool kat. You may have seen both she and her feline stars on “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Animal Planet and other national TV shows.

Fun Facts

  • Martin and the Acro-Cats have 14 cats, one chicken and one groundhog performing in the Rock Cats show, all traveling in a 45-ft. tour bus
  • Since 2009, Martin has fostered and found homes for more than 190 cats! That’s mews-worthy, indeed! 
  • Martin believes in positive reinforcement when training. She uses a clicker and high-value treats like salmon, liver or tuna.
  • Cats with high energy and younger in age are usually more easily trainable.
  • Part of the charm of the show is watching the cats do whatever feels natural to them. If they don’t want to perform and just sit there, that’s okay. Consider it comic relief. 
  • Throughout the year, Martin is constantly adapting the show and trying new tricks with her furry friends.
  • The Acro-Cats show is a great way to bridge the gap between cat and cat owners. It strengthens their bond.
  • She encourages cat owners to spend at the very least 10 minutes a day with their cat. With that increased special bond, they may even be able to detect health problems earlier.
  • When Martin is not touring, she works with movie and television companies, as well as advertising agencies.

It’s important to note that typically a portion of the show’s proceeds benefit foster and rescue efforts. While in Austin recently, they donated to Street Cat Rescue. During their current tour stop in Houston, proceeds are being donated to Friends of League City Animal Shelter. At this date, a Dallas/Fort Worth rescue has yet to be determined.

About the Upcoming Show

Forget that silly cat on the keyboard video. Get your tickets NOW for Tuna and the Rock-Cats! The feline extravaganza has a cat walking a tightrope, a cat balancing and rolling on a ball across stage and even a cat riding a skateboard! The grand finale includes the only all-cat band in existence. Don’t miss Oz on guitar, Asti on Drums, and Nue on keyboard…real house cats purr-forming with real instruments. For tickets to the a-mews-ing show coming February 7-8, visit Tickets range from $24-$34. Show times on both days are at 7 PM.

Texas Theatre
231 W Jefferson Boulevard
Dallas, TX 75208