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Coco The Frenchie

Coco The Frenchie

My name is Coco, and my parents tell me I am the cutest French Bulldog in the world! I was born with Kyphosis, which is a curving of the spine that causes me to have rear limb weakness. But that does not hold me back. I want to show everyone that just because we are born a certain way, we can still do anything we put our mind too. I am a very busy little girl and I have a lot to do during the day. I have two English Bulldog siblings named Zeus and Cleo.

  • I love to play with my brother and sister
  • I LOVE my toys
  • I love to eat
  • I love to play dress up. And I prefer to wear tutus and tiaras

My parents foster and volunteer for Bulldog Rescue Squad.

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