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Veronica Beazley

A Doggie Day Trip – The. Best. Day. Ever.

Looking for a fun day trip for you and your furbaby? I keep telling my mom that it’s easy, and it could be the Best. Day. Ever. for the two of us…or four of us, if we invite my fur siblings. Living in Dallas, there are great places for us to adventure. The Hill Country and East Texas are two fur-tastic ideas! A pup-friendly day trip that is within a two-hour radius is best because it is more cost-efficient, involves minimal packing and doesn’t take too much time. 

Plan Your Trip

  • Make reservations early. Getting derailed before you get started can be crushing! Make sure you have a plan, carry our pet documentation.   
  • Research local parks. Check out local park options, and their park rules as you make plans.  For instance, there may be a vaccination or leash requirement
  • Find dog-friendly local attractions. Make some calls and find out if any favorite local attractions, including festivals or markets, that welcome leashed dogs.
  • Find a dog-friendly patio lunch. Call around to find a dog-friendly patio restaurant! Walk and feed us before you eat. That way, we will be more settled at the restaurant.  

Prepare & Pack for Your Trip

  • Make sure your car is ready. Cut down on unnecessary stops by filling up the car with gas the day before.  Don’t forget to do a quick check of oil and other fluids.
  • Consider pet-friendly auto accessories. Make sure your car is comfortable for ALL your passengers, including us furbabies. This could include crates or safety harnesses for us doggies so that we don’t fly all over the car.   
  • Pack plenty of water…and don’t forget to carry a small, collapsible dog bowl, which you can find at almost any pet store. For chilled water…my favorite…be sure to carry an ice chest.  
  • Pack a picnic. Picnics are easy on the budget and fun for everyone, including the dogs. Make sure the snacks you give us don’t contain chocolate, onions and grapes. Personally, I love anything beef!!  
  • Pack doggie poop bags and our leashes! 

Hit the Road!

  • Safety first! Pet safety should be your number one priority–you want to make sure that we are secure from crawling into your lap, falling on the car floor during a sudden stop or suddenly jumping out when you open the door. Although I LOVE to have the window open and feel the cool air on my face, Mom says to only crack the back window and never leave dogs unattended in the car! Not only do you have to worry about the extreme heat and cold, but you don’t want to worry about a car thief or, even worse, a dog napper.
  • Take it slow. You don’t have to pack it all into one trip! Besides, it gives us a chance to go on more doggie day trips together. 
  • Photograph our fun! Snap photos of our doggie day trip and don’t forget to share on social media. You know your friends love to see our furry faces!!