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First Responder foster families for dogs

Be a First Responder for Dallas Dogs! Fostering saves lives.

First Responder Dallas
First Responder Foster
First Responder Foster Dallas

The DAWG Project (Dallas Animal Welfare Group) and the City of Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center launched a First Responder campaign to recruit foster families for Dallas dogs. Through foster programs, dogs are removed from overcrowded shelters where they are likely to be euthanized, and ultimately placed in loving, forever homes which we all agree every dog deserves.

The innovative campaign features photos of Dallas police officers and other first responders with dogs that need fostering. It is a reminder that foster families ARE the first responders for dogs in need, making it possible for rescue groups to get dogs out of shelters and into permanent homes. The impact of this new program even has Dallas police officers already signing up to foster dogs! They walk the walk, and are not just models for the campaign. That’s paw-tastic!

There are two types of fostering — short-term and long-term. Fostering short-term requires approximately a 2-3 week time commitment in the following areas:

  • Puppy safety – This involves getting puppies too young to be vaccinated out of the shelter quickly, where they are at risk of catching diseases, and into a safe place until they are eight weeks old and can be vaccinated and adopted.
  • Dogs being transported- These adoptable dogs could be any breed or age, that are being sponsored by a local rescue organization, to be transported to adopters in Northern cities.

With long-term fostering, dogs would be cared for at the foster family’s home until the dog is adopted. A local rescue group or Dallas Animal Services & Adoption Center would be responsible for medical bills and may even supply food. With rescue groups holding adoption events and creatively using social media to spread the word about adoptable dogs, most of our furry friends are adopted within a few months.     

Once a foster is approved, training is provided and the foster family is ready to take a dog home. Support, including training tips and advice, and crates, leashes, etc. are also provided.    

You, too, can have an impact and save lives! If interested, go to to submit a foster application.  A volunteer will get back to you quickly to find the best match for you — short-term, long- term, small dogs, big dogs — there are lots of choices! Even taking a dog home with you for a few days can save a life.

Photos by Linda Donaho