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Hoodlum Hounds Dog Training

Hoodlum Hounds

Hoodlum Hound? I can help! My name is Terrie Self, and I am the owner and operator of Hoodlum Hounds Dog Training. After moving to Texas from Chicago in 2012, little did I know that a whole new career path would open up for me. I have always loved animals (especially dogs!), although I was unsure as to how to pursue a career that incorporated my passion for animals. Starting with my own pack of dogs, who were a bunch of hoodlums themselves, I began training and working with them regularly. I really enjoyed bonding with them on a new level, and knew I had found a way to turn my passion into a career. As a trainer I am always striving to learn new and different techniques from dog trainers all over the world. I continue to broaden my knowledge so I can help dogs (and their owners) live happy, obedient lives and turn those Hoodlum Hounds into Happy Hounds!


Ace Pet Resort, 861 E Main St
Allen, TX 75002
United States

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