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Rasta Dog

Turn up the Bob Marley, Mon! Fido Needs to Chill.

Mom doesn’t know how ‘ruff’ I have it. From sunrise until well into the night, I work like a dog…everything from hourly perimeter checks to warding off the evil postman and UPS guy to tracking and limiting Mom’s phone time by barking and enduring a weak body rub.

Then, I read an article about how reggae and soft rock can help dogs relax. FINALLY! Someone gets ME! I need to relax more. We need to be jammin’ and bringing pura vida and Irie vibes to the house. And, maybe add a little jerk chicken on the grill for this rasta dog, mon.

What was the breaking news? In partnership with the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the University of Glasgow has released new research, looking at the musical taste of hounds like me. 

The study included the playing of various music genres to dogs in kennels, including reggae, soft rock, Motown, classical and pop. The researchers then monitored the pups’ stress levels, heart rates and physiological differences. 

What was the response? Both reggae and soft rock were the favorites, with the dogs being more chillaxed and expressing more positive behaviors. It’s a cool, new way, for shelters and rescues to make life more comfortable for animals as they go through the stress of finding a new home. All that noise and unfamiliarity can be scary for dogs! Some of my canine comrades are so stressed that they cower, bark loudly, shake or otherwise behave in ways that make them less likely to be adopted.

I think every home should be playing Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Jimmy Cliff. We could all use more time to chillax.

Until next time, remember ONE LOVE, mon!