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Brian Curtis NBC5

Unleashed Thoughts from Brian Curtis of NBC5

*This just in!* One of our pawsitively best newsmen in DFW is also a dog lover!  Today, we hear from Brian Curtis from NBC 5 News. Over to you, Brian…

Brian, this is a serious investigative stuff here, so let’s take it seriously.  Now. Tell us about you.

Brian: I anchor the 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. news at NBC 5 and report special assignment stories.  I am a total Olympics nerd, and I’ve had the privilege of covering six Olympic Games for NBC 5.

Yes, we have seen you on our TV! After we watch you do the news, we like those ads with squirrels on them.  Tell us about furry animals that watch your TV.

Brian: I have four rescue dogs right now.  There are two “seniors” and two crazy young ones.  It makes for an interesting dynamic.  There’s never a dull moment!

What’s your favorite way to spend time with your dogs?

Brian: There’s nothing I love more than being in bed and having all four piled in around me.  It makes it very hard to get up!

Tell us about pets you had growing up.

Brian: I had cats growing up.  My parents were both incredibly busy, and I think cats were a little less work for them. I was very young when I had my first pet, a cat named Snowflake, so I have clearer memories of cats Calico and Bootsie. I remember Bootsie being a talented hunter and the many “gifts” she left on the front porch.

If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?  

Brian: One of my own dogs!  #spoiledrotten

Do you support any animal-related causes?

Brian: I am passionate about NBC 5’s annual “Clear The Shelters” drive, which has helped find forever homes for tens of thousands of animals in the DFW area.  I also support many local animal rescue organizations, including the Humane Society of North Texas, the SPCA of Texas, and the DFW Humane Society.   

We love furrever homes for four-legged friends, and are so glad that NBC 5 helps out each year with Clear the Shelters.  What’s next for you?

Brian: I am so fortunate to be in position that allows me to serve the community.  I’ll be very happy if I can simply continue to do the work I do for a very long time to come. 

Brian Curtis is the pick of the litter!  To keep up with him online, visit him on the NBC 5 website, on Facebook, on Twitter, or on Instagram.