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Arbor Cat Tree

Mamasita Will Santa Bring Me a Cat Tree?

Trees! Trees! I love the trees. The real ones and the ones that I can scratch, cuddle, or climb on top of to watch my stinky brothers from. I like HIGH places, mamasita, so will Santa Claus bring me a new cat tree for Christmas? Please? I’ll purr extra loud and leave him a glass of wine and plate of cheese (because I really know what Santa needs!).

Oh you don’t have time to shop?

Well, while you were away, I did some shopping of my own and found these: Modern Sphere – it’s on sale, and because we’ve got a new pad & mama loves modern design, this fits right nicely into our living room, too. Memo and I love our “cat bedroom,” but it’s time for a new tree. This Majestic Sherpa is just the one, dressed in warm, snuggly and elegant sheepskin – and it has built in toys, too! And, lastly, my kitty paws went long and I searched for the ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers cat condo and turned up with a goose egg. BUT…I did find a Steelers Pet Bed, which will look PUURRRR-FECT in paw paws man cave, where I like to snuggle and watch all the touchdowns!

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