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cat breeds

No matter the purr-sonality, there is the purr-fect cat match for you!

No matter what your personality type may be — there's a cat for that. Big or small, happy-go-lucky or a little more quiet and reflective, there are kool kat breeds to choose from to suit your personal taste and style. And, once you find the fine feline that complements your quirks, well, we'd call that a “purr-fect” match. According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the top cat breeds for 2016 will be released in February 2017. The 2015 top ten pure bred felines are as follows:

  1. Exotic
  2. Persian
  3. Maine Coon Cat
  4. Ragdoll
  5. British Shorthair
  6. American Shorthair
  7. Scottish Fold
  8. Abyssinian
  9. Sphynx
  10. Oriental

Stay tuned in February for the 2016 top cats!